Party Games – Game Ideas for Any Kind of Party

For people who think that party games are only for kids, well, you better think again. Even though fun and games are typically associated with children’s parties, there’s no reason to stop you from having party games even if you’re age is, say, already beyond the calendar! Parties are for anyone and so are games! As long as you are fun-loving and enjoy the challenge of playing games, then why miss out on the fun? Whether you are young or young at heart, there is a party game waiting for you to be played. Make any kind of party extra special through fun and games to keep the joyful atmosphere. Read on for you to know about game ideas that are worth the try for any kind of party.

Bring Me

A popular party game that simply never gets old, the bring me game may seem simple but it can prove to be really exciting and evoke alertness to its participants. With only a little of effort needed for organizing, this classic game is always a hit in every gathering. How is the game played? From the name itself, the host asks a certain item from the crowd and gives the first one to bring him the item a prize. Organizers of the game can be creative with the items to be bought to make the game more interesting. For instance, they can ask their participants to bring them the most beautiful woman present in the party. Now, isn’t that something to ponder upon?

Olive Relay Race

Relay races are also a staple in a lot of parties – in family reunions, birthday celebrations and many others. Surely there are a lot of common themes for relay races, but have you tried playing an olive relay race? For this party game, you will need two chairs (or any item that can serve as a post), spoons for every member of the two competing teams and two olive fruits. The two teams should form a single line and each team must have a chair assigned to them. The two teams should be of the same distance from their respective chairs. Each member of the team should have their spoon’s tip inserted between their lips, allowing them to have a grip on the spoon and have its bowl tip pointing outwards. Once everyone is in position, put an olive fruit for the member that is first in line for every team. The host will give a go signal so that the first members may know if they can already start the race. Each member should basically be able to walk towards and go around the chair assigned to them with the olive fruit on their spoons. If the olive falls down, then the member should go back to their line and start walking again. The winning group would be the one wherein all the members have successfully completed the task. Aside from the challenge and excitement brought about by this game, it will also encourage every participant to develop both balance and focus.

Video Scavenger Hunt

It’s always great to come up with a party game that’s out of the ordinary. Why not use innovative ideas for the scavenger hunt that you’ll be having in your upcoming party? In a video scavenger hunt, there is a list of silly and amusing tasks that should be done by each team. After taking a video of everyone’s funny side, it will be time to gather around and have a good laugh at everyone’s video.

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