Interesting 18th birthday facts

Upon hitting 17 years old, most girls are starting to feel excited for their next birthday as it marks their entry to the womanhood. In some cultures, a girl’s 18th birthday signifies a very important milestone aside from the fact that this is also the year when the “baby” becomes a “lady”.

Part of this milestone is also different rituals, which are being practiced in some cultures but are not being observed in some societies. Regardless of how your culture view a woman’s debut, one thing’s for sure: this is a fun day for many ladies.

It’s probably the first time that a girl’s ultimate crush or even boyfriend is being introduced to the family after they had their first dance. Of course, the last dance is reserved to the father.

Roses18 roses

Probably one of the vital elements of this event is the 18th roses. First, the celebrator has to select the 18 roses, or the 18 most significant guys in her life. Most of the time, a celebrator picks the cutest guys in her class on top of her guy friends.

The 18 roses signify great things in every lady’s life, which are the guys. For guys, being part of the 18 roses is indeed an honor, especially if the celebrator is a popular girl in the campus.

Since you only experience your 18th birthday once, it’s best that you spend quality time choosing your 18 roses. In most cases, girl friends of the celebrator would gather days before the event to handpick who among their classmates of friends will form part of this list. But if you don’t have that much option, you just have to go for what’s available.

If you don’t have enough guy friends whom you can tap to be part of your 18 roses, it’s actually perfectly fine not to complete the list.


18 candles

Just like the 18 roses, the 18 candles are pretty much important element of a young girl’s 18th birthday. It’s also the counterpart of the 18 candles. Part of the 18 candles are the girls who are dear to the celebrator.

These are mostly the closest female friends of the celebrator. Other than close friends, relatives such as cousins and even neighbors can be invited to become part of the 18 candles.


According to some accounts, the 18 candles signify the individuals who will light the path of the girl on her journey towards womanhood. Thus, it’s important to pick the 18 candle as those whom you think are capable of giving sound guidance and even support when in times of need.

Again, if you think you think you don’t have enough close friends whom you think qualify for the attribute of the 18 candles, it’s perfectly fine not to complete the list. It’s actually better to have a few whom you can confide when you need to than have numerous but are not capable of giving you support in any capacity that you will need.



Now, that you have your list of candles and roses, the next element that you need to sort out is the dance, which involves the 18 roses. Depending on your approach, you can actually introduce some twist on how you will go about the dance.

But traditionalists would prefer starting from the 18th roses down to the number one, which signifies importance. Some would reserve the last dance for their father while some having their last dance with their significant male visitor, which in most cases, their boyfriends.

Sometimes, it is during the last dance the boyfriend is introduced to the family and the celebrator’s circle, especially since most girls are not allowed to have boyfriends before they turn 18.



Another important aspect that must be considered is the motif of the event. A popular motif for most girls is the color pink, which requires no further explanation. Another popular choice would be light blue.

It’s best to choose your motif as early as possible because this will determine other important element of your event such as the invitation, dress, and even the party venue theme. pink

Thus, in order to save time and to have a more organized party, it’s best to lay down everything before it gets even complicated. When choosing the right motif, it’s basic to consider the celebrator’s favorite color. If you’re the celebrator and also the one organizing your own party, it will be a lot easier to pick the right one.


Party cake

Although you are about to turn 18, doesn’t mean that you no longer need a cake. In fact, a cake is still a vital element of a debut party. Before everything gets complicated, it’s advisable to sit down with your choice of pastry shop and discuss everything about your cake needs.

At this point, you need to express all your expectations and requirement of a cake. From the most basic to specific details of your cake, it has to be addressed.

To make this event more personal, you can start from your choice of cake. However, you don’t really to spend so much just to have the best cake in town. In fact, you can have the best tasting cake without spending too much.



dressLastly, another important aspect that every debutant should look into is the dress. In fact, most of girls spend much time choosing their dress than in any aspect of their party.

It’s quite understandable to note that the dress is the main focus of the celebrator themselves. Because the dress has a major bearing on their appearance on their big day, no wonder they spend not only time but also money in choosing the right dress for that event.