Choosing the best Christmas-themed retirement party ideas

retireFor most of us, Christmas is only for children. But’s belief is starting to change now. These days, it’s not uncommon to see children giving gifts to their grandparents, especially in some culture where grandchildren are being valued that much.

While it is true that the mainstream media still portray Christmas as the time for children, we can’t deny the fact that it is also the best time to honor our grandparents.

Thus, it’s also the best time to throw different kind of party to grandparents, who are mostly retirees. Organizing a party for the retirees is somewhat different from the typical parties that we are normally used to.

Since most retirees are in their late sixties, they have unique needs and preferences, which are totally different from that of younger celebrator that need to be addressed and properly taken into account. If you the retiree is your relative, then it’s probably a lot easier on your part to organize and throw a great party for them.

Even movies during the Christmas season have been oriented toward the children population and not for retiree. Since Christmas is a global celebration, it’s very common for businessmen to make Christmas as a business opportunity. That’s why most of marketing gimmicks are targeted toward children and not so much on older population, particularly among retiree.


From the design of the stores and the gimmicks in the market, everything is intended to encourage more parents to spend more for their children and not for children to spend more for their aging parents. But we just hope that despite this sad reality, you will not forget the adults in your family, particularly your parents, this holiday season.

In your own family, more often than not, there’s that adult who might be just quietly watching you and your family enjoying this festive season who don’t get much attention than they did in the past during their younger years. They are the retirees who have become fragile both physically and mentally. They are either your parents or grandparents who are mostly weak but still give their energy and time to their family.

Most of them have become too weak in making the lives of their children and grandchildren a comfortable one. But despite their sacrifices, they’ve been left alone and abandoned, in some sad cases. When it comes to gifts, either during holiday season or on their special day, they have become the least priority, in most western society. While some of them are in hospital battling for illness that’s taking their youth.

Planning the event

Because most of retirees are too tired to go out and celebrate, even going to church has become an exhausting activity for them, moreso enjoying their own party. That’s why it’s very important to emphasize how difficult it is to plan and organize a party for the retirees.ret

When planning such event, be sure to coordinate with the family, if you’re a professional event planner. But if the retiree is your relative, it’s a lot easier to consolidate things and plan and make the event more meaningful and fun.

First, you need to convince the celebrator that what you have in mind is something fun and enjoyable. Be prepared to get opposing reaction, which can really be frustrating on your part.

Be emphatic

When handling older people, one has to be very patient and emphatic. Since most retirees have different issues both on their health and the experience that they are going through, being patience and emphatic are some of the most basics skills that one should possess.

That’s why it’s amazing to think those selfless individuals who spend their Christmas in the hospital and those who go to different retiree shelters to share their blessings. These people also share their personal time to give some fun and different forms of entertainment for adults who have been forgotten by their own relatives and families.

So this Christmas, if you haven’t tried it yet, you might want to give your grandparents a different kind of attention and appreciation. But more than you own relatives, you also need to extend your care to retirees whom you don’t really know personally.

Other than during the Yuletide season, you should also show your appreciation to the retiree even during ordinary days. For older people, it’s not really about the material things that they get on their birthdays, but it’s about the thought and the idea that their family still values them as an important member of their family.

It’s not about the gift

If you think you can win their heart with your gift, you’re missing the point. As mentioned above, for most of the older people, it’s not about the material things. To truly show your appreciation and love to them, try to make them feel special by making their special day extra special.


How can you do this? That’s pretty much simple and straightforward. You don’t actually need to do extraordinary deeds or anything fancy in order to win their hearts. You just have to be genuine in showing that you truly value and appreciate them.

Your precious time is way better than any material thing that you can possibly give to any retiree relatives you have. In fact, it’s much more valuable than a piece of any gift.

So the next time you’re planning to make your old parent or grandparent, you might want just sit down, talk to them and you don’t have to do extraordinary things and just be yourself.

Making them feel that you care for them by spending time with them is enough to lift up their spirit and morale. When you grow older, you will soon realize how important it is that your family spends quality time with you. But you don’t have to wait until you turn old-age you can start today and start showing how you truly love them even in your own little ways.