How To Celebrate A Simple Yet Happy 18th Birthday

For most teenage girls, throwing a lavish 18 birthday party is something that they’ve been wanting since the day they realized, through their peers, that a girl’s debut is so important. But little do they know the hardships that most parents go through just to give their individual girls a happy 18th birthday.


The problem with today’s society is that the media portrays a girl’s turning 18 as a very significant event in such a way that parents have to prepare for it both financially and emotionally, but more of financially.


simpleHowever, it’s a fact that few teens find it hard to accept that life isn’t that easy for parents in general and throwing a laving party is their least concern. However, this does not mean that the parents don’t love their children in any way.


In fact, there are ways in which parents can celebrate their girl’s debut party without trading their arms but still, enjoying a happy 18th birthday. The secret to a successful and happy debut is not actually on the amount that parents are willing and capable of spending, but more on the thought.




For most girls, even months before they celebrate their 18th birthday, the feeling of anxiety starts to strike. Anxiety because of possible fear that their parents won’t throw a huge party for them and anxiety because of what comes after the celebration.


We all know that a girl’s entry to womanhood, as marked by its 18th birthday means a lot. First, it means that the girl is no longer a girl but a woman, which means the society expects more from her than before when she was a girl. Second, it marks the girl’s entry to becoming a legal person, which also means that whatever she does, she will be now held responsible for it both in her own family and in society

That’s why it’s kind of understandable for a girl to feel all forms of anxieties before they even enter this phase. The anticipation part also prepares the girl for all types of possibilities that might happen along the way.


Keeping it simple

While everyone among your friends are already planning of throwing a lavish party, don’t fall in the trap of also doing the same thing. In fact, you can be creative and have a fun party without having your parents go rob a bank.

Although it’s kind of difficult to make young girls understand this part, it’s very important for parents to inculcate this to their children that there’s no way that they should support their kids’ luxurious tendencies.

While they are still young and molding them to appreciate the value of money is still possible, parents should take this as an opportunity to let them appreciate the fact that it’s actually possible have a meaningful and fun 18th birthday party without spending too much.

This is very important value especially since most of parents today can barely send their kids to decent schools and give them quality education and throwing a party is their least priority.


Creativity counts

If you don’t have the resources, then you can turn to your creativity. If you think you really can’t afford or your parents can’t really afford giving you a lavish party, the next possible thing that you can do is to exhaust all your creative juices to come up with a great party.

To do this, you might want to source out the help of your friends and plan to organize a party that’s totally creative and fund but on a minimal budget. If these girls and boys are really your friends, they would understand why you and your parents can’t give you a lavish party and they will be more than willing to help you have your special day become meaningful on a budget.

Another way to do this is to gather ideas and suggestions from your parents themselves on possible ways to organize a party on a budget. Since they’ve been to different parties their whole lives, they must have plenty of ideas of fun parties that they’ve attended that they think were on a tight budget.

Gather as many ideas and suggestions as possible and you will realize how many creative ideas you can get, which are really beneficial to your plan.


Invite close friends, relatives

Unlike typical 18th birthdays, where there are 18 candles, roses, gifts, and everything, you might want to do away with this tradition and make it as your own. Instead of following the tradition, you can actually introduce twists and still have a fun party.

If you think it’s impossible on your case to enjoy the full entourage, try to cut it half or even just get six of each symbol. After all, it’s not all about the numbers that count, it’s about the quality of guests that you have invited.

To make this even more meaningful, you can invite only your closest friends, classmates, and relatives to be part of the symbols.

After all, these people will be the ones whom you will have interaction with in your life. So better keep it small but intimate. However, the majority of birthday celebrators, especially the debutant, will find it hard to follow.

Since teenagers are very particular with what their peers will possibly tell, they will surely have a hard time accepting this as an option. So it’s all up to the parents on how they will make their girls understand this without ruining the whole point of the celebration.

For parents, please understand that communicating to your girls that their special day is kind of impossible because of financial constraint can be hard for them to comprehend. However, with your kind understanding, they will absolutely understand it later on and as they go along the way, your bond with your girl will further strengthen.

It will also be tough for the children to appreciate the reality that their so it takes a lot of explaining on the part of the parent to make it a point that the girls are getting the message appropriately.