Birthday Cake Ideas: Celebrate Your Birthday With These Wonderful Cakes

It has been handed down generations that when one celebrates his/her birthday, there should be a cake accompanied by singing of the birthday song.  It is popular in any culture around the globe that is the reason why this article has the list of birthday cake ideas to help you choose the best birthday cake.

Throwing a memorable party

Wherever you are in this world, it is given that you celebrate your birthday once a year. May it be welcomed with a party or just a simple get together with your loved ones, as long as you remember the day you were born.

You might be wondering why there is a cake in every birthday celebration.

A birthday cake has been tradition for many years already and it is believed that the smoke coming from the candles that the celebrant blew was prayers and wishes and that it will go straight up to God.

There has been enhancement in cake design and decoration in the culinary world. Cakes have been made with elegance and complicated architectural designs that can make people go ‘WOW’. If you are looking for the perfect kind of birthday cake, listed below are different types of birthday cakes for a happy birthday!

Tower Cakes

These cakes are known to look splendid. These are stacked layers of cake covered with the frosting of your choice. Usually designed with cake toppers such as; flowers, chocolate truffles and any gum paste or fondant creation.

Character Cakes

These cakes don’t usually have added layers. It is made out of fondant or the icing of your choice, shaped into your favorite character.

Topsy-Turvy Cakes

This cake looks somewhat confusing but it really looks entertaining! This architecturally made cake looks like it is going to fall apart because it is not like any other usual cake. These are layers of cakes stacked in a form that it looks like in one push, it can fall apart but the real deal is that this kind of cake is really designed to look like that.

Giant Cupcakes

This kind of cake looks like a bigger version of a cupcake – 10 times bigger! This style of cake can be decorated with simple piped frosting on top or with cake toppers like what was mentioned in the tower cakes.

Simple Square / Rectangular Cakes

These cakes are the most common cakes you see in a birthday celebration. Usually covered in icing like butter cream and chocolate and can be designed with writings to greet the celebrant.

These birthday cake ideas can definitely make your life sweet! If you do not want to buy pricey cakes, you can search recipes and instruction on how to bake a birthday cake online.

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