18th Birthday Party Ideas: Plan The Coolest Party For Your Daughter

When a girl turns eighteen, it doesn’t only mean that this is the moment she experiences an awesome party, it is also the mark that she’s now becoming a young lady.  That is why 18th birthday celebrations should be very special and memorable.

Turning 18 only happens once in a girl’s life.  Most want to celebrate it with a bang while some want to just celebrate it with relatives and closest friends.  Neither, if you are planning to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday, I have a list of tips on different 18th birthday party ideas which can help you plan and throw a small or a big birthday party that your daughter will definitely cherish forever.

Most common party themes:

Let’s start out with the theme of the party.  There are tons of themes out there but here are my top picks best for debutantes:

Casino or Poker Themed Party

You probably will have guests who are above 18 are legal to play poker or blackjack. This kind of party theme will bring fun and excitement to your daughter’s guests.  You can simply head to your local casino or transform a venue to look like a real casino.

Princess Themed Party

This is the most common type of party where in everyone is invited to a ball-like party.  Everyone will be in their formal attire while the set-up of the desired venue would look like you are in a castle celebrating a party of a princess. Also popular to have a number of the princesses social dance – cotillion.

Club Themed Party

If your daughter loves to party like she is in a club, it is best to throw her this kind of theme on her birthday. You can hire your own DJ for the music and create a dance floor for everybody to move and groove at. Of course, it is not always required to serve alcoholic beverage to these young adults – you can serve punch or whatever type of drink you want to serve, I’m sure neither would be great!

Carnival Themed Party

A theme wear you will be able to feel young again. Cotton candy machines, theme park games, popcorn, lollipops and other things you can see in a carnival – you can serve them all in your daughter’s party.

Rock Themed Party

If your daughter loves rock music or into music, throwing her this kind of party would be the best idea. She might know a band that could play in her concert-like celebration and be the music in her party.

Now what’s a party if there are no party favors?  Your guests would love to receive a little something to remember your daughter’s debut.  It doesn’t have to be big and expensive. I have a few ideas that I can share you to have a memorable 18th birthday party:

Chocolate lollipops

Chocolates can be molded into different shapes.  If you are having a Casino themed party, you can shape the chocolates to poker chips or dollar sign.  Molds are available in a store near you or you can easily buy them online.

Loot bag of goodies

You can put just about anything in a loot bag.  You can throw in candies, trinkets, thank you card, etc.

Sugar cookies with frosting

  • This type of party favor can either be ordered or prepared at your home. Sugar cookie recipes can be looked up online or you can ask someone in the family who knows how to bake to help you.  You can make round cookies and write your daughter’s name on it by using frosting. Slip the cookie in a pouch and finish it with a ribbon.


It doesn’t have to be made out of gold. It can be made out of yarn, or any other affordable make of necklace. It would be great if you add a pendant that matches your party theme for everyone to have a memorabilia.


A simple keychain with your daughter’s name on it is an awesome giveaway for your guests.

You don’t have to spend so much money on little things; you can get tips of DIY’s online and just ask family members to help you or just follow the 18th birthday party ideas above.

Having a very memorable 18th birthday for your daughter doesn’t have to be pricey. You can always look up affordable things, venue and catering.  What’s important is that the fun is there along with your loved ones.

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